Monday, June 11, 2007

WOW!...The Counter is really climbing!

I can't believe how quickly the counter is climbing...I keep checking back and the number is getting bigger and bigger. It was just this morning that I hit 2,000 views and now we are over 2,300. Creeping closer to 2,400...again, WOW! Now, all I need to do is to get more people to comment! About 350 views and only 24 comments. I know that is a TON of comments for me, since I only have one or two on each post before that, but who doesn't want FREE stuff...even if it is just cards...they are really cute...cuter than my Mama's...not that she thinks so or anything...

Here's her comment from yesterday...I know she just wants the cards, but come on now...who's cards are cuter than mine? No ones I tell ya!! No ones!!
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "2,000 Views...It's time for BLOG CANDY":
OK. Here's my favorite all time set and I don't care if it is retiring. Nice & Easy Notes. If I can't come up with something to make a card this set will always work for me. My next favorite--all of them. It really depends on my mood. Same with the colors--I love them all. Yes, your cards are cute, but some of mine are cutier. Ha Ha!! Now I've commented for you, Twila. Love you. Your Mama
She makes me laugh...Mama, I love you too. Now I'm off to make some cuter cards than her...Here's one of the REALLY CUTE ones that you could win for yourself...A TwilaMooneyham Original! This one was made with the Zoofari set...the Rhino that my Mama likes so much...he is SO CUTE! He just makes me SMILE!
At first I didn't really like this was just okay...but now it ranks higher than Baroque Motifs. I really love it...So if you want a chance to have this card and 5 other ones, then go down to the next post and leave a comment answering my question. I will choose a winner on Wednesday evening...

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