Sunday, June 3, 2007

Simply Said...I cleaned A LOT today...

...and I got one card made. Using the Simply Said stamp set. I am in a monthly swap with some other ladies in my sideline and the set choosen for this month was Simply I don't have this set...I had to borrow it. THANKS Kara!!

As I said...I did get a lot of cleaning, straightening, and sorting done today. I cleaned and straightened my stamp studio, sorted a ton of papers and threw a lot away...and I even got all of my contacts for the squadron, our families, and my business typed into Outlook. Let me tell you...that took a while. But now that it is will make it so much easier to send emails and find customers information...Hopefully I will keep it updated...

My pre-order is still sitting in "CLOSED" status...hopefully it should pick and ship tomorrow and I should have it Wed/ you probably won't see any samples with the sets until after next weekend...SORRY!

I got Stella Stamper out of the drawer today, she is not longer stuck in the box. I got her out and decorated my shelf in the Stamp Studio that has my name spelled out in the Monogram Alphabet...I think it looks really cute...I will post some photos tomorrow.

So here is the Simply Said Swap card that I am making right now...I have one totally done and I am working on the other 29...Hopefully I can get them finished up tomorrow...I am really liking this layout I have used it quite a bit in the last few days and have made several cards...I will uplaod more as the week goes on...So keep checking back!

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