Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do you think I have everything????

I am going to a crop tomorrow from 9am-11pm. Do you think that I have everything I will need?

I sure hope so, BUT I know that once I'm there I will be starting on a project and I will want SOMETHING that is at home. It never fails. Even when i do a workshop...I always announce at the beginning, that I have forgotten at least one item at home, and I will let them know when I figure out what the item is...

It was REALLY nice when we were stationed in Iceland...The Communty Center on the base was once building over from our apartment...SO I would just call the house and have one of the kids bring me whatever I needed. It was so nice...

The crop I am going to tomorrow is about a 30 minute drive or so from home. So I won't be able to just call the kids and say...Bring me...whatever it was I wanted. So I try to pack for every instance that I might NEED that one thing... Hopefully I will have everything that I need...The box at the bottom of the photo is STUFF I want to get rid of, so hopefully a lot of that will not come home with me.

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