Friday, April 20, 2007

Again...I've been really B-U-S-Y!!!

I have been so busy this week trying to get everything done that needs to be done, BEFORE I start working again next week. Yep...I finally got another job. It is only a temp position, but it is temp to hire, so lets hope they like me! I haven't gotten hardly anything done this week on my Display stuff, I am a bit dissappointed about that, but I still have a couple of weeks to get it done and shipped out. I have it all packed away though for this weekedends SCS Gathering at my house. So if you are in Northern CA, come on up...just bring a drink, a snack, and a shoebox project. You might want to get directions, because Esparto is a tiny little non-existant dot on the map.

Here is the cute...cute...cute little notebook I designed for our Northern CA SCS gathering this weekend. It turned out so darn...did I say it already...CUTE!!! I used the Spiral Punch and punched the top of the cardstok once on each side, and I cut printer paper down to size and punched that also...then I used Hair ponies (I got them in different Bold Bright colors) to keep the little book together. I was going to use notebook paper for the inside so I needed to make the book smaller than a 1/4 sheet of c'stk. But in the end I decided to use printer paper. Now I wish that I hadn't precut the fronts & backs for my shoebox project and the printer paper too. It would have been so much less cutting if they had been 1/4 sheets...Oh Well, next time. I attached the ribbon to the ponies to cover the silver piece that keeps the cord together. I even wheeled the printer paper inside to match. Don't you want to come and make one? It is even cuter in real life! I guess I better go and get the ATCs designed for our ATC swap so I can actually get them made...I know...I know...I am a last minute kinda gal...

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