Monday, August 13, 2007

Now that things are settlin' down a bit...

...I can hopefully get back to posting EVERYDAY! I know that ya'll have missed me.

I had a busy weekend, but I did manage to get some stampin' done...and I know that you are anxious to see what I've been creating, but first....I would like to repost this card that was featured on Stamper's Showcase today.

Again, a bit of a whine...they like what I send in enough to post them on Stamper's Showcase, but not quite enough to say YOU WIN!! and give me free rubber...okay, enough whining...I will just keep sending my cards in for the contests and hopefully I will win soon. I already have one of the stamp sets that I want all picked out...I want them to GIVE me Define Your Life...I SO WANT that set, but I have a really hard time grasping the fact that it is so expensive. I know that you get 28 GOOD sized stamps, but $47.95 for ONE stamp set is just a bit to much for me to spend on a SINGLE stamp set, SO, I want to earn it FREE. If that doesn't happen in the next couple of months I know that I will break down and buy it, but I am going to give the contests a bit more time. I sent in another batch of 18 cards today so keep your fingers crossed for me... onto what I created this weekend...Please let me know if you need / want directions or a supply list for the cards I post...If you ask I will do it, but I am one of those people who can USUALLY figure out what supplies were used and how to do stuff just by looking at the project...if you are not one of those people, just let me know and I can send you the supply list / directions...Okay, now on to what I made...

TOO CUTE, HUH!!! So what do you think? Is it the winning entry?

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