Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12th...It's FRIDAY!!!

YEAH!!!...It's Friday, and tonight I am gonna stamp!!

I have some projects that need to get designed and done before my box of Goodies arrives from Stampin Up!...I received an e-mail last week, an invitation to be a Display Stamper for Leadership 2008 in Palm Springs, now I just need to decide if I am actually going to Palm Springs to see my samples on the display boards, like I did at Convention, or if I am gonna sit this one out...Don't worry I already accepted the invitation to be a Display Stamper...I wasn't letting that opportunity pass me by! One of the things that I really enjoyed at convention this year was seeing people look at the cards and scrapbook pages that I made and eeewwwwing and aaahhhing over them, it really made me feel good...Kinda like being a fly on the wall, cause no one knew who made them, except ME.

I will have a TON of stuff to make for Leadership and a deadline to meet...I LOVE being a Display Stamper, but sometimes the deadline just messes up my MOJO, and other times it is the inspiration I need to get stuff done...So we will see how this deadline goes once I get some new stamps to play with... is another Christmas Card from my class...

Enjoy and check back tomorrow...

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